Mil Macritchie


Mil MacRitchie

Lewis ( 01-47) Pink Gloss X Our Friend Sally
2 way branching, 17 buds, 23 inch scape, EM, 5.5 inch flower, dormant, diploid

Named in memory of my wife's mother, who regrettably passed away in June of this year.  Mil was the type of person who always had a hug for you. She and her husband Jack (who is also pictured) collected and sold antiques. She enjoyed the dayliliy garden I planted in her back yard, so I wanted to name this daylily for her. It is an old fashioned pink self complemented by a beautiful yellow green throat. Easily fertile both ways. This daylily always brings a smile to my face, much like Mil did. I will miss hearing her stories.
$50.00 S.F.