Henry Egert

Henry Egert


Lewis (Mary Lightfine X Steve Moldovan)
6"  flower, 40" scape, 4 way branching, 17 buds, MLa, Sev.Tet.

This grand purple daylily is named after my great grandfather, Henry Egert.  Henry was a harness maker in Cleveland, Ohio in the late 1800's, who married Anna Egert, and had 5 children, my grandmother, Dorothy Brickley amongst them. This is the first introduction from the daylily Steve Moldovan that I am aware of.  Back in 2006 after Steve's passing I was privileged to be given some pollen from Steve's namesake daylily. (Thanks goes to Roy Woodhall.) I took that pollen to all the purples in my garden and lined out several rows of purple seedlings in 2007.  This daylily had the best plant habit of all the daylilies in the rows.  I planted it next to Jamie Gossard's great "Big Bird's Friend," and the colors complement each other quite well.  This is my first purple introduction and I am happy it was from one of Steve Moldovan's great purples.  Easily fertile both ways. 

$50.00 S.F.

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